Hydrogen & Health
2017.01.14International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USAAt the beginning of new year, as being invited by CES officially cooperation, IPM started to go to Las Vegas, USA and brought their designed newest product to show, which is the first portable hydrogen water maker named H3O Hydrogen Magic Stick!   Remark: International Consumer Electronic Show, short for CES, aiming at promoting to combining top electronic technology with modern life tightly. CES started on 1967, have long history of 50 years so far, and now becomes one of the largest global electronic Fairs.    IPM H3O Magic Stick is Hydrogen water generator which can produce up to 550ppb of hydrogen. This product used Korean high electronic technology, designed and manufactured by IPM Limited in a huge sum money of KRW 13 billions, focus on improving people’s life, let people all around the world drink healthy hydrogen water, which is accordance with purpose of CES.   The 2017 CES show last 4 days, there are many famous companies like Nikon/ Huawei/ Samsung attending this show and lots of technology products were attracted by buyers around the world. People in Europe and North America attach importance to drinking healthy water. During the CES, many buyers from America/ France/ Mexico and other countries stayed at our show, they are very curious about our H3O Magic Stick, not only they watched whole process of producing hydrogen water, but also taste cups of the healthy hydrogen water continuously.     Remark: Hydrogen water, also named ’suisuso’ in Japan, earliest discovered by German. Studying deeply for many years, and widespread in Japan, hydrogen water is highly accepted by international society and medicine, and is called ‘the healthiest drinking water in 21 century’. It plays a prominent role on face beauty and skin care/ anti-aging and disease prevention/ energy and health/ body thinning and fat reducing.   Developing manager from P&G company, USA is very interested in IPM H3O Hydrogen Magic Stick, and bought a sample at our booth. One of IPM staffs said, someone from aboard placed several big orders for H3O Magic Stick. Besides, America local media reported this news on the spot, called it as miracle water from the East.