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2017.01.01The effect of hydrogen ion water?Using of Hydrogen ions water in ions in : Health Medical Beauty         Introduction to Hydrogen Ion WaterHydrogen water is also called water water, water water is the direct use of the Japanese original name. Because the Japanese "water" means "hydrogen", so it was also called "hydrogen water", the domestic also called hydrogen ion water market so-called hydrogen-rich water is not necessarily rich in hydrogen water, the key to see hydrogen ions Water in the end of the "rich" to what extent. Hydrogen content in hydrogen ion is generally expressed in ppb. Hydrogen in the water saturation concentration of about 0.8ppb, the concentration of more than 0.8ppb of hydrogen-rich water is supersaturated hydrogen water.     Hydrogen ion water effect :   1. Hydrogen ion water and free radicals Hydrogen ions into the human body can quickly remove the free radicals, to prevent free radicals to destroy cells, and the use of hydrogen molecules and redox effect of malignant radicals combined, after the combination of non-toxic harmless water excreted, can be very good The promotion of metabolism.     2. Hydrogen ion water and high blood pressure Hydrogen ions contained in active hydrogen water can prevent the combination of unsaturated fatty acids and reactive oxygen species to produce lipid peroxidized unsaturated fatty acids, so that hypertension can be improved.     3. Hydrogen ion water and diabetes Active hydrogen water contained in the hydrogen electrons, allowing the islets and their receptors to return to normal function, improve the symptoms of diabetes.     4. Hydrogen ion water and bone and joint disease Small molecules of calcium ions in the water easily absorbed by the body, and the body of harmful acidic substances, and hydrogen-rich water can reduce blood uric acid value to relieve gout and other bone and joint disease.     5. Hydrogen ion water and Liver Hydrogen-rich water can remove the ethanol in the metabolic process of malignant free radicals, is a non-toxic side effects of hangover liver products.     6. Hydrogen ion water and memory loss Hydrogen-containing water can restore the ability of nerve cells reduced by the effect of reactive oxygen species, thereby inhibiting the memory loss.     7. Hydrogen ion water and sub-health Hydrogen-rich water from the root source to add energy to remove the human free radicals (antioxidants), so that the human to improve the state of health, prevention of disease.     8. Hydrogen ion water and beauty aging Body aging comes from oxidation, whether healthy or from the skin level, hydrogen ion water can be antioxidant, and thus beauty anti-aging. Can significantly eliminate facial wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and color.     9. Hydrogen ion water and inflammatory diseases Hydrogen can fight inflammation, reduce inflammatory damage and accelerate inflammation repair. (Teeth, skin, stomach and other inflammatory relief).     10. The world's scientific community only recognized health care function with water.     11. The world's only experimental confirmed clinical medical water.     12. Hydrogen ion water to strengthen the nerve conduction process, promote neural stem cell differentiation.     13. Directly improve the red blood cell oxygen content, rapid improvement of blood running.     14. Hydrogen ion water can improve pancreatic B cell dormancy, significantly improve the ability of glucose metabolism.     15. Hydrogen ion water can be anti-cell mitochondrial oxidation, to ensure the effective supply of human energy     16. Hydrogen ion water can strengthen the genetic factor-DNA stability, to prevent its gradual decomposition, so the growth of malignant cells have a blocking effect     17. Hydrogen ion water can ease the operation of the human body gas, increase vitality     18. By the H3O energy rod activated water molecules strong, more easily penetrate into the cell, absorb and supply nutrients, promote human blood flow, help the body toxins.     19. Nitric oxide plays an important role in the genitourinary system, can regulate the physiological function, and hydrogen molecules with selective antioxidant, hydrogen ion water is rich in hydrogen ions, so often drink energy water, can play Ziyin Bushen The effect