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H3O Question & Answer


Public Photos / Files - q How can we absorb / obtain hydrogen in our daily life?
Public Photos / Files - a- Drinking is the most typcal method.  Some products can turn drinking water to H3O water directly through electrolysis. 





Public Photos / Files - q Why we choose hydrogen ions among the various antioxidants?
Public Photos / Files - a- Since the molecules of hydrogen are small which can be absorbed by bodies easily than other antioxidants, it is better to activate cells and prevent infection.  Being a great natural antioxidant, hydrogen water can also neutralize the reactive oxygen species in human blood and cells.





Public Photos / Files - q Is hydrogen water applicable for washing vegetables?
Public Photos / Files - a- H3O water can apply to cooking as it can neutralize the acidic and remove the harsh taste of vegetables.






Public Photos / Files - q Does hydrogen water assist in skincare and beauty purposes?
Public Photos / Files - a- With the small size and strong permeability of hydrogen ions, H3O can boost the rate of cell metabolism and it can combats against the aging skin problems. 





Public Photos / Files - q Does hydrogen water assist in slimming purposes?
Public Photos / Files - a- A study revealed a negative correlation between body weight and the consumption of H3O, i.e. long term consumption of H3O leads to less body fat and weight loss.